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RI 2024 Candidates Must Declare Candidacy By June 26

[CREDIT: RI Sec. of State] The deadline to declare candidacy in the 2024 election is June. 26.

[CREDIT: RI Sec. of State] The deadline to declare candidacy  in the 2024 election is June. 26.
[CREDIT: RI Sec. of State] The deadline to declare candidacy in the 2024 election is June. 26.
PROVIDENCE, RI — Secretary of State Greg Amore reminds aspiring candidates for office that the deadline to declare candidacy on June 26 at 4 p.m., is one week away.

This year three Warwick City Council incumbents are not running for re-election: Council President Steve McAllister (Ward 7), Councilman Timothy Howe (Ward 3), and Councilwoman Donna Travis (Ward6).

McAllister said he’s ready to make way for others to serve as his daughter grows and his job demands increase.
“I am proud of my eight years on the Council and especially the last four as Council President.  I am ready to take a step back from elected office and look for other opportunities to serve the city and state.
My daughter is 3 and a half and is now playing soccer, dance and swim and I love attending all those activities.  My role at the US Chamber of Commerce continues to expand and I really enjoy that job.  Therefore, I thought this is the right time to step away from the council and let other people have an opportunity to serve,” McAllister said.
Howe also announced in a recent letter to the editor in the Warwick Beacon that he would not run for re-election, and Travis is also reportedly not running for reelection.  Voters may look up declared candidates for offices on the Secretary of State’s website.

WHEN must I declare candidacy for the 2024 election?

Declarations of candidacy must be filed starting next Monday on June 24, 25, or 26.

WHAT form do I have to fill out?

The Secretary of State has made RI candidacy declaration forms available online, or in-person at the he RI Department of State or local boards of canvassers’ offices. In Warwick, the Board of Canvassers office is at City Hall, 3275 Post Road. A copy of the RI candidacy declaration form is also embedded at the end of this article.

HOW do I fill out the form?

Complete the form online and print it out. You must then sign it and deliver or mail your signed form.

WHERE do I submit my 2024 RI election candidacy form?

Candidates for federal offices must file with the RI Department of State Elections Division (148 W. River Street, Providence) and candidates for state and local offices file with their local board of canvassers. Forms must be printed and physically signed, and cannot be emailed or faxed.

Important 2024 Election Dates

While  the Secretary of State has  posted a 2024 election calendar guide for election officials, the guide is also useful  for the voting public, including the  following important dates:

  • June 24, 25, and 26: Declaration of Candidacy
  • Aug, 11: Deadline to register to vote in the party primaries
  • Aug. 21 – Sept. 9: Early voting and emergency mail ballot period – primaries
  • Oct. 6: Deadline to register to vote in the general election
  • Oct. 15 Deadline to submit mail ballot applications – General Election
  • Oct. 16 – Nov. 4: Early voting and emergency mail ballot period – General Election
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