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Pagliarini Taking On ‘Conduit to Residents’ as City Clerk

[CREDIT: Mayor Avedisian's Office] Lyn Pagliarini is Warwick's new City Clerk. Above, Mayor Scott Avedisian swears her in late last week.
[CREDIT: Mayor Avedisian’s Office] Lyn Pagliarini is Warwick’s new City Clerk. Above, Mayor Scott Avedisian swears her in late last week.
WARWICK —  The City Council voted at its regular meeting on November 6 to approve Mayor Scott Avedisian’s appointment of Lyn Pagliarini as Acting City Clerk, and she is set to become the official City Clerk on December 31.

Avedisian described the City Clerk’s office as “a natural extension of city government.”

“People think of the City Clerk’s office as the go-to office to get good service, and Lyn will ensure the quality of the service that people expect. I know the department will be well managed under Lyn’s leadership,” said Avedisian.

Pagliarini was Deputy City Clerk prior to her promotion.

“I appointed her to be City Clerk because I was happy with her work as Deputy City Clerk. She was a court reporter, so she knows how things work. She is a quick study and will serve the City, the City Council and the residents well,” said Avedisian.

Pagliarini described her new position as an honor and a wonderful opportunity.

“The City Clerk’s office runs like a well-oiled machine,” she said. “There is a great group of people who work in this office. The knowledge they have is fantastic. It is one of the best groups of people I have ever worked with.”

Pagliarini became the Acting City Clerk upon her appointment to the position following the retirement of Judy Wild last month after two years as City Clerk.

“Judy was a valuable employee who spent her entire career working in the clerk’s office. She did a great job as City Clerk,” said Avedisian. “Because of her work, there is a renewed sense of optimism about the city archives. We are all grateful for her outstanding service to our city.”

Pagliarini will supervise eight staffers in the City Clerk’s office, which she calls “a conduit” to residents.

“My function as City Clerk is to oversee the other clerks and to make sure the daily operations go smoothly and that residents get the information they need. People come to City Hall for information on deeds, mortgages, liens and also for vital records such as certificates of birth, death and marriage. I know that when people reach out to City Hall, they don’t know where else to turn,” she said.

Pagliarini’s first job in city government was her position as Warwick Deputy City Clerk, beginning in August 2016. Previously, she worked as a court reporter from 2001 to 2016.

She enjoys the daily interaction with residents at City Hall, a stark contrast to her work in the legal field.

“There is so much more personal communication here than I had as a court reporter. That is the best part of this job. I feel super when I help someone get a death certificate, for example, so they can apply for benefits,” she said.

Lyn, a Rhode Island native, grew up in Hope and graduated from Scituate High School in North Scituate.

She spent 25 years working in different capacities in the legal field.

A graduate of the Allied School of Court Reporting and the Roger Williams University Supervisor’s management Institute, she is also a member of the Rhode Island Town and City Clerks’ Association.

Pagliarini lives in Warwick with her husband, John, who works for the government-relations firm Fabiani & Company, a Washington, D.C.-based government affairs and strategy consulting company.

John Pagliarini has served as Chief of Staff to the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, Chief of Staff and Senior Executive Advisor to former Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, and Deputy Chief of Staff to former Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri, according to the company’s website.

Lynn D’Abrosca will fill the post of Deputy City Clerk. A 14-year municipal employee who joined the City Clerk’s office as a records control clerk, she holds a degree from the Community College of Rhode Island.

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