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Officer Arrests Speeding Driver on Oxycodone Possession Charge

The Warwick Police Department is located at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive.
The Warwick Police Department is located at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive. A Motorcyclist was Killed Saturday after crashing with a car on Airport Road.
The Warwick Police Department is located at 99 Veterans Memorial Drive. An officer arrested a man on a DUI charge on Rte. 95 Sept. 2.

WARWICK, RI — Warwick Officer Derek Mourato was posted on Elmwood Avenue when he spotted a white 2017 Toyota Corolla traveling about 10 mph over the speed limit Oct. 27 at 7:50 p.m., pulling it over and arresting the driver on a charge of oxycodone possession.

As Mourato followed the Corolla, he saw the driver had noticed him and had begun traveling at 25 mph in a 35 mph zone, according to the officer’s report. Mourato also noticed the car swerve slightly as the driver began making furtive movements, with his head looking down.

Mourato turned on his emergency lights and pulled over the car, identifying the driver as Yovaniell Sostre, 22, of 38 Atwood St., FL Apt. #3, Providence, according to the report. Sostre told Mourato he was headed to a friend’s house, but was not able to remember the friend’s full name.

Mourato noted a stack of $20 bills on the seat next to Sostre as he was asked to step from the car. Mourato asked if he had anything illegal in the car, to which Sostre said, “I have two Percocets folded up in a napkin in the cup holder.”

When the officer asked if Sostre had a prescription for it, the man told him he didn’t, and had bought them from a friend, Jay, in Providence, for $15 each. Mourato found two blue pills with a “V” on one side and 48/12 on the other side. The officer’s pill identifier app showed the pills were Oxycodone, 30 mg.

Mourato arrested Sostre, and transported him to Warwick Police headquarters, 99 Veterans Memorial Drive, where he was charged with possession of Oxycodone, and cited for traveling below the speed limit, and for failing to use a turn signal.

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