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Langevin Calls for Trump Impeachment Inquiry

[CREDIT: C-SPAN] U.S. Rep. James Langevin has called for an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.
WARWICK, RI — U.S. Rep. James Langevin issued a statement this afternoon calling for the House to begin an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

“The prospect of impeaching a President is not something I take lightly,” said in the statement. “The power to remove a public official from office is one of the most significant constitutional powers held by Congress, and it must be reserved for extraordinary circumstances. After careful reflection and interaction with my constituents, I believe the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s actions is necessary to gather the evidence Congress needs to make this critical determination.”

Langevin cited the report compiled by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a key reason for his support of an impeachment inquiry, saying it “describes Russia’s interference operations in the 2016 election in minute detail. The Mueller Report outlines how the Trump campaign welcomed the assistance of the Russian government during the campaign and how President Trump took steps to undermine the subsequent investigation.”

Following Mueller’s testimony before two House committees in July, Langevin explained that the former FBI director “paints a grim picture of a President who has little concern for the legality of his actions or their implications on American democracy.”

A member of the House since 2001, Langevin also said Trump’s “attempts to obstruct the Russia probe” have ” stymied Congress’s efforts to access the evidence we have demanded and the witnesses we have subpoenaed.”

Langevin also said that he has heard from many constituents during the Congressional summer recess, adding “the vast majority of feedback that I have received from my constituents has been in support of an impeachment inquiry.

“At this point, the impeachment inquiry must proceed in order for Congress to carry out its Constitutional duties and hold President Trump accountable. The American people deserve the full truth. They deserve the facts. And above all, they deserve a President who respects the rule of law,” said Langevin.

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