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Hey, It’s the Cat! The Cat in the Hat!

The Cat in the Hat poses with one of the books he read on Saturday, March 7, at Warwick Public Library, 'What Was I Scared Of?'
The Cat in the Hat poses with one of the books he read on Saturday, March 7, at Warwick Public Library, ‘What Was I Scared Of?’

Warwick, RI — Warwick Public Library hosted a very special guest on Saturday, March 7 as the one and only Cat in the Hat paid a visit in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

Nearly 30 children of all ages listened in rapt attention as the Cat presented What Was I Scared Of? and My Many Colored Days in the second-floor activity room of the main branch on Sandy Lane.

The excitement was clear from the kids’ faces, as one little girl speechlessly covered her mouth with her hands, and others cheered when they saw the Cat appear.

Following the readings, the busy Cat shared delicious cake, posed for photos, and sat down for an interview.

How did you enjoy your visit to Warwick Library?

I’ve been many places, and seen lots of spaces,
But nothing’s like seeing such happy kids’ faces.
They look up at me in wonder and awe,
And wonder if, really, that’s me that they saw.
Of course it was me!
Of course they did see
That I was as real as real can be.

How was it meeting the children?

Oh, it was wonderful, most great and most grand
To see little children, say ‘hi’ and shake hands!
Although some were shy and some weren’t quite so,
They all gave a wave and said nice ‘hellos.’
The party was filled with kids big and small,
I hardly had time to visit them all!
And one little girl put her hand in my palm
Asking ‘Cat in the Hat, have you seen my mom?’
It didn’t take long, and I didn’t look far,
Before we found Mom and said ‘There you are!’

What do you hope the kids learned from the books you read?

From ‘What Was I Scared Of?’ they learned not to fear
Even when pale green pants should appear.
Instead, give a hug, give an embrace,
And learn not to fear the fears you might face.
The other I read was all about moods,
Some days are yellow, and some days are blue.
And some days are mixed-up, but that’s alright, you see,
Because I can always go back to being just me.

Cat in the Hat, I want to thank you for visiting the library and for sitting down for this interview.

The pleasure is mine, I’m happy to say,
and I’m hoping we meet on some other day!

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