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Council Update: Costco Talks, New WPD Bear Cat


[CREDIT: Rob Borklowski] Warwick City Hall
Editor’s note: The Council Update is a twice-monthly update on Council meetings and developments from Warwick City Council President Steve McAllister. The column is written after each council meeting, twice a month. This review of Warwick City Council events has been lightly edited to update time references, for grammar, and to include referential links for further reading.  
Warwick City Councilman Steve McAllister

WARWICK, RI — I have a number of updates for everyone today.  You may have seen in the news last week that Costco and Cranston have been unable to close a deal on a new Costco coming to that city.  As a result of that news, I have invited Adam Self Senior Vice President, General Manager, Northeast Region for Costco to visit Warwick to discuss Costco opening a location here in our City.

I offered to host a meeting with all Warwick stakeholders so we can hear directly from Costco exactly what they are looking for in their Rhode Island location.  In my day job as Vice President, Eastern Region for the US Chamber of Commerce, I know companies want to understand the business climate of any location they are considering investing in.  I offered to get the Mayor, City Council, zoning, planning, building officials, Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce and state officials in a room with Costco.  We would be able to answer any questions they may have so they can hit the ground running in Warwick.

Warwick is a special place and has numerous locations that would be a perfect fit for Costco. I look forward to speaking with Costco officials so I can highlight why Warwick should be the location of their next box store and warehouse.  I will keep everyone updated when I hear back from Costco officials.

Last night we had a Warick City Council meeting.  We made a number of large purchases using federal APRA funds.  The largest purchase was for the police department for a Bearcat armored vehicle.  The police department spoke to the council and residents about the mental health crisis happening across our country.  Unfortunately, situations where there are barricaded individuals with firearms, active shooter situations, and increased high risk search and arrest warrants, a vehicle like this is now needed to protect our officers and residents.  This vehicle will allow SWAT officers to safely get closer to a high risk situation or person in crisis, and hopefully be able to speak to them so everyone stays safe.  The council and residents debated this purchase for over an hour.  It is unfortunate we need vehicles like this, but the safety of our residents and police officers is a top priority for the city council.

We also purchased a 16 passenger van with two wheelchair positions.  This van will be used by the senior center and will drive residents to the supermarket, doctor appointments and to and from the senior center for meals and social events.  We also voted to remove and replace the floor at the senior center.  Both purchases used federal APRA funds.

Upcoming events and announcements:

Warwick Schools February vacation starts 2/19

Next city council meeting is 2/26

Have a great week!


Steve McAllister

City Council President

Rob Borkowski
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