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Gaspee Days Parade 2014: Video Highlights

Warwick Post has your answer, whether you're hoping to glimpse some of the parade or just trying to describe it to friends: Warwick Post caught...

Gaspee Days Parade 2014: Sights and Sounds

The 49th Annual Gaspee Days Parade started with a bang, and kept up the percussive momentum as a string of spectacles marched past throngs along...

Gaspee Days 5K 2014: Photos and Results

Spectators of the 49th Annual Gaspee Days Foot Race remarked with surprise when first-place finisher Glarius Rop turned the corner for the home stretch of...

Mayor Finalizes $289.2 Million Budget Sans Signature

Warwick, RI – Mayor Scott Avedisian has finalized the¬†FY2015 budget, which includes the City Council’s extra $400,000 for schools with a correspondingly higher tax rate,...

Hopeful Senate Candidate McKay Resigns from Warwick GOP

Warwick, RI - Raymond McKay, a city network administrator hoping to run against Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), has resigned from the Warwick Republican GOP over...

Police Take Vehicle Break-in Reports at Warwick Avenue, Knowles Drive

Warwick, RI Police responded to the parking lot of Four Seasons South Apartments at 1445 Warwick Ave. June 2 at 6:29 p.m., taking reports of...

Avedisian: Council’s Veto Override Leaves $400,000 Deficit

Warwick, RI Mayor Scott Avedisian said Wednesday he'd try to avoid raising taxes following the City Council's override of his veto on an extra $400,000...

Trooper Log: Warwick Man Charged with DUI after North Kingstown Crash

Editor's note: The following publicly available arrest information was provided by the RI State Police at their website.

Watch: Bay Crane Northeast Gives Warwick Treehouse A Lift

In just four and a half hours, Bay Crane Northeast disassembled Warwick's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Treehouse near Hoxsie Four Corners, lifted it onto a...

Warwick Council Overrides Avedesian’s School Funding Hike Veto

An extra $400,000 for schools was the only City Council budget amendment to survive Mayor Scott Avedisian's vetoes at a special 4:30 p.m. City Council...

Social Media Tips & Tricks: Business vs. Personal

There's room for personal messages when promoting your business online, says Kimberly Brind of Oracle.

Extreme Makeover Treehouse Transplanted

PHOTOS: Warwick's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition treehouse is settled at Totally Kids Childcare Center, thanks to the help of a crew from Bay Crane Northeast.

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